Photography education

Photography education


  • With the advent of smartphones and social networks, the interest in photography has grown. Although manufacturers are trying to respond to consumer demand, and the cameras themselves are getting better from generation to generation, there are a few things that still depend on us. First, the word photography is of Greek origin from the word phos or fotos, which means light. To that was added the word graphe, which means “representation by means of lines” or “drawing”. Well, the whole construction could be translated as drawing with light.


  • And that’s exactly where the key to a good photo lies, in the light. Experts advise to pay the most attention to it, because if we take photos with bad or inappropriate light, it is the same as if we were using a phone whose battery has run out. In addition, it is important to say that good photos are not only those that show beautiful scenes, so a photo of a neglected house or dirty streets can be a great photo, if it conveys an emotion. Also, a tip for a good photo is that you don’t always have to focus on the whole, but on the details.


Dobre Fotografije
Good photos


  • An example of this is the sacred meadow. A photo of that landscape will certainly be beautiful, but if the focus is on one flower, the photo will be really good. When it comes to people, you need to take into account the angle of the shot. It is equally important to exercise the eye, because a good photographer has an eye for detail. So always carry your phone or camera with you and take pictures of everything that interests you. Also, a good photo is sometimes a matter of luck – a perfectly captured moment.
Mobile Phone Photo for every day
“Mobile Phone Photo for every day”


  • Works by famous photographers can be used for practice, and they will inspire you. Play with colors, create contrasts, combine them… Famous photographers say that green, blue, red or gold are the colors you can’t go wrong with. However, burgundy should be avoided. As they say, she looks bad in the photos. If someone is not a professional photographer and has no experience with lighting, this color may look black or brown later on in the photos.


Nikon DSLR D7500 - Lazar Sky
Nikon D7500


  • Leather pants and skirts should also be avoided when taking photos. This wardrobe looks attractive in reality, but due to the distance the person in the photo may look like he has extra pounds. However, if you really want to wear leather pants, choose black ones that are tight.


  • The best color choice for photography is red, because this color symbolizes love, joy and passion. It leaves a great impression, but the person who wears it will also appear younger. What is unique is that this color never goes out of style. The equivalent of a red outfit is a little black dress. She is always on trend and you can hardly go wrong with this choice. If you want to emphasize the face, you should choose one with a collar.

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